The Three Heroes – Story of the legend of mir

In the beginning, a whole world of creatures populated the lands of Mir. Human beings endured a feeble existence, as a lesser species they were forced to hide in large fortresses to escape the threat of the unholy animals that possessed superior destructive powers. For too long towns were invaded, pillaged, plundered, supplies and food stolen, farms destroyed and the people were slaughtered.

The second night after the great fires aligned in the sky, a mysterious moon rose. That night there was no screams of hatred, no cries of murder, no calls to the underworld, it was a night of tranquility for the humans; they were at peace. In the dawn there was a child born, a boy with a great aura about him, and another seven suns after. Finally a girl after the twelfth sun had passed, but these were no mere mortals, they would later come to be known as, The Three Heroes.

Many creatures once lived on the continent of Mir. Human beings endured such a feeble existence, that the species were forced to form groups in order to escape the threat of the many animals that possessed superior powers. However, after a time, a mysterious race appeared and quickly learned to dominate.

This race helped teach the humans how to use the skills of using fire and many other survival techniques. After learning this various skills, the humans, who had always lived under threat from those living in this unstable environment, at last began to develop a civilized existence.

The humans slowly expanded their territory and developed a more civilized society overseen by the semi-god. Finally they created an enormous country. They say that this country had an advanced civilization well beyond our imagination until it disappeared after a sudden and unexpected explosion. No one knows why this explosion occurred. The semi-god who initiated this civilization also disappeared without trace. The survivors were scattered to all parts of the continent and their descendents began to reconstruct a civilization that seemed to emulate the previous existence, although it fell some way short. But so little is known about what really happened during this period, these events have now been long forgotten.

Since then, human history has developed slowly and many cities and countries have been established. Although shrouded in the mists of time, the story about semi-god and the ancient country is talked about, although only by word of mouth from generation to generation. It is now consigned to legend.

At least 1,000 years have passed since the legend emerged, and the human race has taken root in every continent and developed a sinister history of war. Expanding their living space and strength in numbers, they ruined the surrounding woodlands, while mountains and rivers began to expel the mobs who inhabited many populated regions.

Mob is the definition of the huge variety of monsters that live in every part of the old Mir continent. Different from the common beast, mobs are fearful animals that have developed special abilities simply to survive. Mobs began raiding the human strongholds in an attempt to overrun their habitat but their sporadic attacks failed to threaten the sophisticated lifestyle of humans, who were now systematically organized and armed with the various skills of war. The mobs were massacred, so many moved to remote places, largely away from human contact, while the rest remained to live in places where they could not be found.


Humans continuously expanded their territory to the benefit largely of themselves, regardless of all others. Often they have developed cities only to fully expend its power and resources. As scarcity and resources dwindled, wars broke out between various human factions. In the vortex of these wars and warring parties the continent was unified into three big countries, dominated by three cities: Hagan, Jebaek, Seoho.

These three countries were separated only by a subtle balance of power, so they sought every chance to weaken their opponents’ power and influence using intrigue and trickery. This allowed one country to attempt to strengthen its power while waiting for an opportunity to expand its realm.
When these three countries’ systems were relatively stable, an event occurred that was nearly impossible to imagine. It was the development of the Ner and Oma races.
Different from other mobs that lived in small groups, the Ner created a big society and quickly developed their skills to use any form of instrument. They were also highly intelligent with a well-defined and orderly social class. The Oma were inferior to the Ner in all aspects, including skills, intelligence and social organization but they suddenly developed extraordinary powers. They were also isolated through the natural boundary, until the progressive technology used by the humans, penetrated this limit and caused large-scale conflict.

The humans were brutally defeated by systematic and large-scale raids because they underestimated these mobs as a lowly animal, judging only from past memories and experiences.

Since the first war was lost, they have been repeatedly defeated, so the king of every country stopped the ongoing internal conflicts to enable more humans to fight the mob together. Finally, they successfully expelled the Oma and the Ner and recovered lost territory. But, severely damaged, the humans had already lost many people and property before the military were forced to resort to military preparations to restore their lost country and prepare for the incoming mob attacks. The mob has also prepared an aggressive assault to restrict the humans, continuously enlarging their territories to survive.

The human population, attacked tens of thousands of times every year by the mobs of Oma and Ner, has suffered colossal damage but, during a phase in which it did not indulge in civil war, has rather carelessly focused on defence to maintain all saved resources and power.
However, the focus of the human’s first attack was on the Oma. In contrast to the Ner, the Oma live on the eastern part of the Mir continent, where they are so powerful that they have penetrated the border and killed innocent people. But the allied power of three countries combined to defeat the Oma during a series of invasions.

At the early stages of war, the human population had suffered due to the Herculean strength of the Oma, but after discovering the Oma’s weak point – they have low intelligence and only act on instinct – the larger race succeeded by employing various subtle tactics. The Allied power swept through Oma, occupying their main base and building an outpost to finally rid the land of the Omas and other mobs who remained.

The morale of human soldiers was high because they thought they could go back to their homes after clearing the mobs. However, a grand earthquake on the eastern part of continent interrupted their campaign. This brief, seismic shift transformed the land. Huge mountain ranges grew like magic blocks to deflect the soldiers’ crusade and deny the allied power victory.

Those who escaped the crush caused by the sudden transformation of the land were left bewildered, as they were unable to cross the mountain chain. On the contrary, the majority lost their lives, crushed by the devastating piles of stone and earth. They were soon isolated and chose to accept their fate and start building a new city. Fortunately, most of the displaced materials and tools could be used to re-construct the city smoothly. Many women remained in Hagan, the powerful military country, thus there were few problems preventing children replenishing the men lost in the battles with the mobs. This new generation named their capital city “Bichon”.
There occurred new problem when they could be calm and composed after completing building of village and capital city for over 20 years. The Oma & other mobs that had fled away to the hinterland after they was routed by human attack appear again
A happy feature of this misfortune is that they sporadically attacked dispersed in all directions so they can’t give so serious threat to human. But feared by the fact that somewhere else where human’s care couldn’t reach the Mob multiplied human had started to kill by tracing out hiding Mob. Since that time for 120 years of 4 consecutive generations, people had striven for hard fighting in order to get rid of Mob.

However armed with powerful multiplication, instead of decreasing their heads, Mobs expended their influence more and more and they slowly turn to offensive posture from defensive manner. Felt threat & Fear from this circumstances, people realized that they could not protect themselves by their own power from Mobs so they decided they asked help to their grandfather countries.

Searching every part of those mountain ranges by committing lots of people to that job, people learned that in Oma cave there were tunnel to went out other side of mountains. Delighted with the fact that they can ask help they urgently had dispatched people but all of them dead before pass that place because there were many powerful Mobs in the cave. Nevertheless they have no time to frustration under the situation of growing threat of mobs.

People had called hero to pass the mountain again and so many young heroes come to be a volunteer of that mission. These left their way carrying Bichon people’ s destiny on their back toward never visited land depending on their ability and courage. There were 6 people of men and women. They had started to write new story of heroes on the background of Mir continent having intrigue and greedy desire. But no one knows how the drawing would be depicted in the end of that journey.


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