Download Project69 Mir

Looking to Download Project69 Mir? If you do not have Arcadia installed you can install the new joint game client from the download link below. Both Arcadia and Project69 Mir launch from the same installation.

Download Project69

Download the Legend of Mir

Both Arcadia and Project69 in one place

Download Project69

By downloading and installing you agree to our Rules and Terms.


Install the Legend of Mir

Download Project69 Mir updater and then run the installation until completed. If you receive any errors please refer to the following forum help guide. It is important that you run the software both in compatibility mode for Windows XP and as an administrator.

Over protective antivirus? It is not uncommon for antiviral software programs to consider safe applications as a risk when they are newly released. You may not realise but your antiviral software could be causing problems with the installation. For a guide on configuring your antiviral software, check out step 4 on this link.


Create or Recover an Account

All old Project69 accounts have been transferred over to the new log in server over on the forum. Since Arcadia and Project69, and the forums use the same account server you can access any of those platforms with just one username and password.

In order to activate an old project69 account ready for the Project69 Relaunch event you must verify your email address. But please notice that your username has changed! Each account transferred from Project69 has been suffixed with “p69” to prevent any duplicate IDs on the account server.

Your username is now: “usernameP69

Your password is the same, your email is the same (assuming you used a real email address in the first place..). Please make sure you update your email address, you can do this easily if you know the password.

If you have forgotten the password, or username then for the days leading up to the relaunch there is an expedited QnA service. If you need help recovering a password or remembering an account username please email and try to provide as much information as you can remember. User names, character names, old email addresses etc.


Create a new account

Want a new account? Recovering a very old account may not be worthwhile. A lot of things have changed which makes starting a new character better than recovering a mid level one that you have forgotten about. Not only will starting again give you more of a nostalgic feel but you will learn more about Project69 and become a better player for it.

You can create a new account through the game, or you can do it on the forum, remember that forum accounts = game accounts!

Under Construction is currently under construction. Please bear with us!

Information and guides will be added shortly, check out for more information