Ranging from killing bosses to winning competitions, wearing items to visiting new areas there are currently over 100 Achievements rewarding between 1 and 20 GamerScore each.
Achievements are special awards you get for meeting certain conditions in Project69. Upon completing specific goals you are awarded an achievement and rewarded GamerScore (GS) depending on the difficulty of the achievement. Only a very skilled player will be able to achieve many of the goals set out to them. Check out the frequently asked questions.

By typing @achievements in-game the Achievement manager will appear, you can assign this command to keys number 7, 8 and 9. In the achievements manager all the Achievements are described and the amount of GamerScore awarded upon receiving them is shown.

The categories are as follows:
Bosses – Killing bosses will award achievements.
Items – Wearing items will award achievements.
Visits – Visiting areas will award achievements.
Monsters – Killing multiple monsters will award achievements.
Competitions – Winning competitions will award achievements.
Hidden – Achievements will appear when completed.
Other – All other events that will award achievements.

Completing Achievements


Gamer Score is a display of your success as a Hero in Project69. Receiving GamerScore will enable you to wear special items (displayed by creditpoint requirements in-game) and also unlock lots of quests for you. Not only does and achievement release GamerScore but on occasion experience points may we awarded.
For Quests visit Giovanni in Snake Palace of Black Dragon Dungeon and Ryo in Heroes Town.

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