On the basis of physical strength, the warrior is the character classification for close combat fighting. Due to this the character is much stronger than the others and has a longer life force. At the beginners’ stage, the warrior character is more savage than swordsman but, as the game develops, it can learn special swordsmanship skills, such as fencing or thrusting.

Based on disciplined inner power, the wizard can perform powerful, aggressive magical attacks. It is excellent for long-distance attacks, but its defense against direct physical attack is low as it lacks physical strength. Also the wizard is easily damaged by fast attacks from its enemies, due to the long recovery time needed after it performs magical attacks. Instead, it is able to threaten enemies using a deadly blow magical attack.

Due to its strong spiritual power, the Taoist is the only class that can use ‘Healing’. The Taoist is excellent at using poison and it special skill, due to its natural knowledge. The character can use both swordsmanship and magical spells so it can adapt to any circumstances by using various skills. It is a must-have for groups and Guilds.

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